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Role: Road Closures and Traffic Management


Prepare and submit the necessary paperwork to apply to the statutory authorities for road closures as required for the event. This will entail an organised approach with an eye for detail to ensure the necessary administration is carried out to meet set deadlines. There will be liaison with the police, H&S advisor and traffic management company as the event approaches.

On Fayre day, the manager will be required to be on duty early to ensure traffic management is being put in place by the designated contractors, which will involve visiting road closure points and checking all signage is in situ. At the end of the day, checks will need to be made that all road closures have been lifted and signage removed.

This is an important role and will necessitate membership of the Steering Group, attending monthly meetings during the winter and leading up to the event.


Role: Volunteer Manager


Liaising with volunteer groups such as Scouts, Air Cadets and others well in advance of the event to recruit adequate volunteers for Fayre day to cover marshal roles at car parks, field entrance and other key points.

This will require careful planning and a methodical approach, including preparation of detailed rotas, management of volunteers on the day and the ability to think on your feet to cope with last minute changes to schedules. The manager will also undertake briefing of volunteers prior to the day, liaising with H&S and ensuring risk assessments are in place.

The role also demands preparation of volunteer packs for all locations, ensuring high viz vests are available, all paperwork is completed, and refreshment packs are distributed on the day.

The position will also include liaising with all volunteers and the security team as necessary during the event and responding to any unforeseen incidents during the day.

This is an important role and will necessitate membership of the Steering Group, attending monthly meetings during the winter and leading up to the event.

Role: Car Parking Manager (could possibly be combined with the above role)


Making initial enquiries with parking venues (usually local schools), liaising with school staff leading up to the event and checking on requirements for the day, including liaising with H&S to ensure risk assessments are undertaken prior to the event.  

Preparing, in conjunction with the Volunteer Manager, manning rotas for all car parks to ensure adequate coverage for the entire event, including briefing all volunteers and checking all H&S arrangements are in place.

On Fayre day, checking all car parks early in the morning and ensuring marshals are in attendance. Managing the rota during the day, to ensure cover at all times. Liaising with the Cash Manager and security team as necessary during the event and responding to any incidents during the day.

This is an important role and will necessitate membership of the Steering Group, attending monthly meetings during the winter and leading up to the event.

Role: Website Content Manager/Social Media Manager


There is an established website, conceived by a former member of the Steering Group who has offered to remain involved in the technical management of the site including hosting.  The site includes an online booking system for stallholders. However, the content requires a refresh and ongoing management to ensure this important platform remains fresh and current – especially leading up to the event.

The Content Manager needs an in-depth understanding of the WordPress platform at an editor level. All technical management, including design, updates and security will be handled by a third party.

The content management system is easy to use. However, previous experience of website management, copywriting and social media management would be preferable as would social media marketing.

Attendance at some meetings will be necessary to understand the background to the event and gather content. Liaison with other Steering Group members will be key, especially in relation to the promotion of entertainments and other attractions.


Role: Field Set-up/Take-down Team Manager


A team of willing and able volunteers has to be recruited and managed to set-up the fields in the week leading up to the Fayre. This is an important role that requires organisational and motivational skills. Advice can be provided by existing Steering Group members, but the physical side of set-up and take-down needs to be undertaken by a younger team.

We would be looking for someone who has the contacts to pull together a team of volunteers and get things organised, so the event field is ready well in advance of the Fayre weekend. The take-down has to take place the day after the event and requires similar team management skills.



Role: Assistant to Stall Booking Manager


Stall bookings have in the past been taken for both the High Street and event fields. Much of the administration is online, but there may be areas where additional support is needed, not least in taking bookings as needed for the High Street, ensuring H&S checks are completed online and confirming all bookings the month prior to the event.

Role: Assistant to Field Planning / Layout Manager


The Fayre has a very experienced planner, who prepares a detailed layout for the fields. In set-up week before the event, he marks-out all locations by white-lining and staking to a precise plan.

The assistant would support him in the marking-out and would need to be available in the daytime during set-up week. And if anyone is interested in learning more about the planning role in general, please let us know – you would, however, need some technical drawing skills.

Role: Road Signage Manager


This is a specific role for someone strong and practical to work with the organising team in the two months prior to the event and immediately afterwards.

Signage is very important for the marketing of the Fayre in the surrounding area and some 40 signs and posters are erected around six weeks before event day. Signs are pre-printed and would be mounted on boards. The manager would be required to erect signs around the area, using a hired van, in pre-determined locations. Traffic signage has also to be put in place (this is additional to the traffic management company signage and includes such things as car park directions etc) the day before the event. All signage needs to be removed immediately after the event.

The manager would need to be reliable, self-motivated, able to drive a van and strong enough to move heavy signs, put stakes into place and have an awareness of roadside safety.

Role: Fayre Day Radio Controller


Safe and efficient management of the event on the day is paramount. Radio communications ensure the organising team, first aiders, police and security can manage all eventualities.

We need a dedicated radio controller to be stationed in the admin tent for approximately six hours on Fayre day with responsibility for managing radio communications. We are seeking someone who has used radios in the past, who will keep calm under pressure and take control as needed.