Kinver Country Fayres Limited

Kinver Country Fayre has been awarded Charitable Status Charity No:1146282. As a limited company we are required to submit financial accounts to Companies House.

Q. Why did we choose to start a limited company ?
A. Part of running a charity also involves ensuring accounts are kept up to date just as a business would do so, it is not unusual for charities that hold or deal with larger sums of money to take on a role of limited status, this helps to ensure compliance of accurate record keeping and allows full public disclosure of finances of the charity.

Q. Do KCF Staff draw wages from the charity ?
A. A charity with limited company status does not mean any organisers and/or staff receive wages drawn from the charity, Whilst that is possible KCF chose to not do so in favour of ensuring maximum funds can be allocated through grant applications to help local causes.

Q. How can i find out more about the charity finances ?
A. Once yearly accounts are filed with companies house they are published and open to public viewing, You can find more on the Companies house website.

Q. How can i find more info about yours or anyone else charity as well as the committee members list ?
A. You can find all information required on the Charity Commission website along with a list of current Committee members.